About 🌈

This site is made by Andreas Dieckmann (diecknet). Feel free to contact me via E-Mail or on LinkedIn.

What is this site? 😅

This site simply shows your IP-Address (and assumed network location, if possible) with the following ADVANTAGES 🤩:

Why? 🤔

I sometimes need to find out the external IP-Address of my system. The easiest way is usually to check from the outside, e.g. from a website. I often used one or another of the several publicly available sites. In the recent years more and more ads, tracking scripts, cookie consent requests and unnecessary information cluttered most of these sites. So I figured to make my own.

How I made it 🤓

I tried to keep it simple, which might seem easy, but it's not. I wrote a detailed blog post on how I did it. To summarize the result: